Unorthodox Parenting

4 Oct

I have event reminders programmed on my phone for just about everything. Crazy? Perhaps. On Sunday nights and Monday – Friday mornings when my child goes to school my reminder ringtone plays “Happy Happy Joy Joy” from Ren and Stimpy. Monday – Friday afternoon when my child gets out of school my reminder ringtone is a woman’s blood curdling scream. Don’t judge me… 

Parenthood, homework, and feline pregnancy… HUH?

2 Oct

One of the many perks of parenthood is if you missed something at any point during your educational career you get to repeat it all …. at least grades K – 8th. I personally have my heart set on doing a model of the solar system but I can’t remember at what grade that would be or if that sort of project is even assigned anymore; with today’s technology that assignment could very well have morphed into writing and designing a 3D, holographic presentation of the solar system complete with milky nebula, meteor shower thingies. ANYWAY (sidetracked) today I was reading with to  with, yes I was reading with my daughter. Today I was sitting with my daughter as she read from her library book and I learned we learned about the history and evolution of one species of cat. As I read As she read the section about kittens, much to my surprise the female is pregnant for 65 days. SIXTY FIVE DAYS?! Are you F-word kidding me (I said this to myself obviously) although I must have uttered something or had a distinct look on my face as my child asked me what was wrong. What’s wrong? I carried you for 9 months, NINE MONTHS and this stupid animal only has to carry her kittens for 2.5?! That is not even a full human trimester! Again none of these words reached my child’s ears as I completely forget that she is supposed to be reading so she can complete her assignment. I proceed to reading with urgency and disgust until I reached the sentence revealing that the female cat can have between two and eight kittens. HOLY CRAP! Instead of feeling silly for being jealous of a cat over its length of pregnancy I felt as if justice was served. GOOD that’s what you get miss kitty you can keep your 2.5 months. . .  OH my daughter and I eventually finished her book and since completed her homework assignment.


Wearable Timers?!

16 Sep

Wearable Timers?!

I was flipping thru a catalogue that still arrives in my mom’s name “The Vermont Country Store” and came across this. It would appear that Vermont is stuck in the 50’s. Can you imagine telling women of today they have to use a wearable timer?!!


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